The Rochester police Accountability Board, like the Citizens Network of Protection, would have the power to investigate civilian complaints independently.  They both have subpoena power for getting information for their investigations.  They will determine whether individual officers have committed misconduct.  
The citizens of Rochester by referendum put in place their Police Accountability Board.  CNP is asking you the citizens of Evanston to do the same thing in voting to created the Evanston Board of Police Oversight, Accountability, and Transparency.  CNP’s proposal goes further than the Rochester Police Accountability Board in that it would be an independent agency with no connection to the Police Department or the City Government. 
The Rochester citizens put in place a board that will oversee the police conduct as they engage with the citizens.   The citizens in Evanston can do the same for their citizens that need assistance to fight the system.
  The unofficial voting results indicated that the referendum on the proposed board passed by more than a 3-to-1 margin: 75 to 25 percent. Nearly 17,800 voters approved the measure, while nearly 6,600 voters voted against it.