City of Evanston Policing Personnel Discipline Records

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What are Personnel Discipline Records?

These records are official reports against an officers record that are the result of 4 types of investigations handled by Evanston Police’s internal investigation unit called¬† Office of Professional Standards. (OPS).

  • Departmental Inquiry (D.I.) – An investigation into an incident requested by a citizen who does not wish to file a C.R. investigation. Examples may include letter of complaint, traffic citation, the matter in which a call was handled, officer attitude, etc.
  • Complaint Register (C.R.) – An investigation into an incident where the citizen files a sworn affidavit in writing and under oath against the Department or any of its members. Examples may include excessive force, illegal search, etc.
  • Administrative Review (A.R.) – An internal investigation based on an allegation of misconduct made by a member against the Department or any of its members. Examples may include late for work, court miss, failure to follow radio procedures, etc.
  • Other Investigations – OPS will review reports submitted by members regarding the Use of Force, Resisting Arrest, Obstructing, and any other reports, or investigations as directed by the Chief of Police.

What Guides the Office of Professional Standards investigations

You learn about the basics of an EPD internal investigation by reading this document created by the Evanston Police Department to educate the Citizens Police Review Commission.

Personnel Discipline Records 2016-2020

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