The Citizens’ Network of Protection (CNP) is a nonprofit organization formed to promote police accountability, transparency, and oversight; to improve relationships between law enforcement and the community; and to provide educational programs and legal support regarding civil rights, in the City of Evanston, Illinois. 

CNP’s goals include promoting racial and economic justice within the legal system, preventing government overreach and abuse in the area of law enforcement, and upholding civil rights within the community. CNP will work to identify community stakeholders and work with them to form alliances to actively elevate the work and leadership of communities directly impacted by injustice in law enforcement.

CNP’s activities are only possible through contributions, grants, fundraising, volunteer time, and nominal fees to subsidize legal services. 100% of your donations will go towards improving services we deliver to the community.


Please send checks to:

“Citizens Network of Protection”

2010 Dewey Ave, Suite 10A

Evanston, IL 60201