Not everyone has the time to watch hours of City Council and Human Services Committee meetings. So Citizens Network of Protection takes the time to clip the most important parts so Evanston residents can stay informed and keep their elected officials accountable.

Are Officers Trained to Intervene in Excessive Force and Police Brutality?

Evanston Police Officer Training Requirements

“Biggest Challenge is changing the culture of law enforcement”

Mayor Hagerty Asks: Are we over-tasking the Evanston Police?

How are Evanston Police Officers trained to deal with individuals in crisis or mental health issues?

How Body Cameras are used by Evanston Police

How do officers learn from their mistakes?

Evanston Police Chief Cook talks hand gun simulators with Mayor Hagerty

Evanston Police talk about learnings after Lawrence Crosby excessive force settlement

Evanston Police Chief Talks Forced Science Training

Evanston Police Use of Choke Holds

Use of No Knock Warrants in Evanston

Alderman Surprised to Learn the Cost of Student Resource Officers for D65 and D202.

Evanston police officer reprimanded for misinforming citizen during traffic stop. ID Law

Evanston Alderwoman Fleming asked Chief Cook how an officer should address someone they are stopping

Consent Decree, CPAC and the Power of Civilian Oversight of Public Safety

Hagerty Tells City Council How He Picked the Terms of His Oversight Commission

Evanston City Council Votes to Accept Hagerty’s Appointments to Citizen Police Review Commission

None of Citizens’ Network of Protection board members makes the Evanston Police Review Commission

Evanston City Council Discusses Student Resource Officers

City of Evanston Reviews the Performance of their new FOIA Officers, its not great.