The Curfew Hurt

A frantic lady screening from the porch

“The police are taking my son to jail, 

he was only twenty  (20) steps 

from his home.” She called me, shouting,

“I am in the bathroom at the police station. 

They are trying to come into the bathroom.” 

 Shout out that you are talking to your lawyer.

The lady went home with her son and 

a station adjustment.

It hurt me to see the young kids not allowed

to wait for their ride in from of the theatre. 

But march to the corner of Maple and Church

street and standing in a huddle like cows. 

Seeing this and heard that Black kids

are picked up by the EDP all of the time 

breaking the curfew when their parents are 

10 minute late and they tell the police

they are on their way. 

They had to go to the EPD station and

sing a station adjustment.

That is why  I got involved with the Citizens’ Network of Protection. 

By Betty Ester